Law Enforcement Working Dog Program


Top Tier K9 offers a specialized program designed specifically for small to medium sized police and sheriff's departments, special teams, and government organizations who want to build K9 units within their organizations, all over the world through our Federal SDVOSB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business) set aside program.


We have found that the availability of K9 training in many jurisdictions is extremely limited. There are qualified officers who desire to become K9 trainers but are never given the opportunity due to the limited number of trainer/instructor slots and the longevity of current officers filling those positions.


Furthermore, many smaller counties and cities have limited access to real-time help starting or maintaining their K9 teams. This need has resulted in the launch of the Top Tier K9 Law Enforcement Program. We offer our US law enforcement personnel the following services:


1. We will help you build your project plan for implementing and maintaining a K9 team within your department.

2. We will help with the presentation of the K9 program to city and county officials to assist in comprehension and funding.

3. We will provide you with trained dogs to accomplish functions such as bomb searches, narcotics searches, human tracking, and patrol dogs. (or you can use your own dogs for the program)

4. We provide world class training to your officers and selected staff.

5. We provide on-going training and evaluations, scenario based seminars, troubleshooting and continuation training programs through our primary location in Madison, Florida, and our Platinum Certified Affiliate locations throughout the country.



Project Planning Support:  Stop, Think, Observe and Plan!


Certifed Project Managers assist you in developing your plan for implementing and maintaining a quality K9 program within your department.  Plan your work and work your plan!

Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor and Control and then close the project of implementing your K9 unit into your organization.  Then add the management of the K9 unit to your on-going operations.  World class project management to help make this transition easy and successful!  Identify risks and develop plans to manage that risk BEFORE you acquire the dogs.



Staff and Officer Training


We train your selected officers how to handle working dogs to perform your specific requirements (narcotics detection, bomb/IED detection, tracking, patrol, search and rescue, cadaver search, special forensics detection, crowd control and more).  We also will train officers how to train working dogs. 

We train your staff to work around a working dog.  How to read a dog's body language to determine its intent and how to approach a working dog.  We also offer members of your city and county advanced training on how to approach and manage dangerous dogs they may encounter on the job (postal workers, meter readers, building inspectors, non-K9 officers etc...)  This is one of many "added values" of building a relationship with Top Tier K9 and our network of Certified Affiliates.

Our Dogs or Your Dogs


We have working dog lines available through our Madison Florida location and through our Certified Affiliate locations acros the country; to include:

  • Malinois (Mal)

  • German Shepherd (GSD)

  • Mal/GSD Mixes

  • Rottweiler (Rot)

  • Labador Retriever (Lab)

The officers we train as trainers get to select a puppy to complete the training with, and that puppy then becomes one of your departments working dogs.  We also offer adult dogs that are already trained for purchase by your department.

On-Going Support and Maintentance


Trainers, handlers and dogs that complete the Top Tier K9 programs receive on-going support and tune ups at our primary locations and at our Certified Platinum Affiliate Locations.

This includes trainer and handler refresher training, troubleshooting and behavior modification (for dogs and officers), boarding and additional training services and communications support as well as on-going program and project management support as needed. 

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