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Top Tier K9's "K9 Warriors for Women" program

1 in 3 women have experienced some sort of abuse. Whether it was growing up in an abusive household, entering into abusive relationships, or through abuse in the employment hierarchy of the business and government sectors. Abuse against women is rampant throughout the world and has paralyzing repercussions for the victims, trapping them in "survival mode" and denying them a sense of security, belonging and self-esteem.

Top Tier K9 is pleased to announce a new relationship to help draw attention to women's health and security issues and by finishing Foundation Dogs® as "K9 Warriors for Women". Welcome Ms. Cambrie Schroder, brand ambassador for the "K9 Warriors for Women" program.



Top Tier K9 works with Ms. Cambrie Schroder as a Brand Ambassador for our "K9 Warriors for Women" program, providing Foundation Dogs® finished as service dogs and protection dogs for women in need. Cambrie faced security threats growing up in a Hollywood family, and unfortunately like many women has fallen victim to abusive situations.


Cambrie reveals, “it's not about what happened to you, it's about how you choose to move forward, and taking the responsibility to protect yourself to be sure it doesn't happen again. I feel so relieved to have a protection dog that will help give me a sense of security and a way to heal my past and improve my future. Every woman who has ever felt vulnerable or been exposed to any level of abuse should have a Top Tier K9 dog. It's a path forward.” She is now the proud owner of a Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® finished as an executive protection dog: K9 Scope.


Cambrie is an actress, model and the president and founder of “Fit with Cambrie” a health and lifestyle supplement company and wellness brand that helps inspire women to make healthier choices, so they can live their highest quality of life. Cambrie believes that taking responsibility of your life is on each individual, but that there are things like her products, or investing in a Top Tier K9 dog that can help support you in your journey of achieving a healthier and more secure life.

K9 Warriors for Women includes an online training course to prepare women to manage and handle a protection dog. This training takes place through Top Tier K9's Academy for Dog Trainers; rated as one of the top dog trainer schools in the world. Women (students) will learn the basics of K9 training and communications, K9 health, nutrition, and first aid. Students will learn the psychology of victimization and how to fight back as well as how to use their dogs to climb out of survival mode and begin living without fear.

While the students are learning about the dogs, Top Tier K9 certified Master dog trainers and instructors match Foundation Dogs® to the individual women based on exact needs and living conditions. The selected Foundation Dog® is then finished as a protection dog, or as a service dog that also protects. Service dogs will be tasked trained for documented disabilities of the candidate and an additional duty of protection will be included in their skill portfolio.


Jeff Minder, CEO of Top Tier K9 says. "We are so excited to be launching our K9 Warriors for Women program. Adding this program to our Build a Battle Buddy system for disabled veterans and first responders will allow our school to reach even more people who will benefit greatly from a finished Foundation Dog®", he added.


Foundation Dogs® are the gold standard in the world of working dogs. They are utilized as police K9, COVID-19 detection dogs, service dogs, protection dogs and sports dogs. A replicable breeding, selection and training process that produces consistent high quality working dogs. Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC.


Turn around time for training and delivery of protection dogs and service dogs is 8 weeks from contract. This can be expedited based on the buyers previous experience in the care and management of a dog.

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