Global Dog Training Club


The Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers is recognized as one of the absolute best dog trainer schools in the entire world.  We train dogs and we teach others to train dogs and to start/run their own dog training businesses.  We also train and sell amazing working dogs (service dogs, protection dogs, military/police K9, special security dogs (including COVID-19 detection), search & rescue dogs, cadaver dogs) We operate 3 separate dog training facilities for pet owners and working dog owners in Tallahassee Fl, Madison Fl and Valdosta Georgia. 

With the growth and acceptance of our global standards in both dog training and in the training/certification of dog trainers, as well as our recognition from the US Patent and Trademark Office for our Foundation Dog® inventions, we have established an online + onsite concurrent dog training "club" to support our trainers and Foundation Dogs® across the globe and to help all dog owners who want to more effectively communicate with their own dogs.

Welcome to the Top Tier K9 Global Dog Training Club.  A comprehensive, interactive, dog training club that meets every Friday night from 4pm to 6pm and every Saturday mid morning from 11:00am to 1:00pm (eastern standard time).  We are both live onsite and live online concurrently, meaning trainers and dog owners have a resource to troubleshoot, collaborate, learn and fellowship from all around the world.  








Friday nights are Live in Tallahassee Florida and broadcasted live online across the world (4pm-6pm)
Saturdays are in Madison Florida and broadcasted live online across the world (11:00am - 1:30pm):  All onsite work in Madison is limited to Top Tier K9 dogs.  We use our dogs to teach you on Saturdays.

Train your dogs from home.. on camera... or simply watch us train our dogs through your computer, laptop, tablet or phone and interact with our trainers/instructors and learn from the best in the world.  This is for basic and advanced obedience, drive development, bite development, protection, scent detection, tracking, off leash/advanced obedience (everything we do to create Foundation Dogs® from 6 weeks old), and so much more.

Take part in special seminars for service dogs, special security dogs (Including COVID-19 detection), protection dogs (family and executive), police/military K9, bomb/explosives' detection, service dogs that also protect, health and nutrition ..and so much more. (dates/times are added for special seminars depending on user needs)








Access small group and one on one private lessons in pet training, fixing troubled dogs, Foundation Dog® training, finishing programs, and even include your customers for group sessions that promote YOUR business.

For Top Tier K9 certified Affiliates:  Access one on one support and small group seminars in business development, client consulting, marketing, legal/contract, accounting, and growth management.  Schedule seminars with us, using this same system, that allows you to broadcast in your own training facility to your own students and clients using our world class instructors and trainers to help you leap frog all competition and provide amazing value and opportunity to your communities.

Who should join

Top Tier K9 Certified Affiliates
Top Tier K9 Certified Foundation Dog® Trainers
Top Tier K9 Certified Pet Trainers
Owners of Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs® and Finished Foundation Dogs®
Special Security Dog Handlers (including Virus detection)
Police and Military K9 Handlers and trainers
Sport Dog owners who want to win

Dog owners and even uncertified trainers or those certified by sources other than Top Tier K9.
...and YOU...if you need help with your dog...join us

****depending on your credentials, level of training and relationship to Top Tier K9, there will be elements of this system accessible or not accessible to you but EVERYONE will be able to watch and participate in our club meetings and learn from the best trainers in the world every Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  many dates and times will be added for small group and special seminars.

Some of the things we will do during our weekly club gatherings includes:

Join Saturday Club

Meets every Saturday from 11am - 1pm

Join Friday Club

Meets every Friday from

4pm - 6pm

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Basic and Advanced Obedience


Club members will be able to work on their obedience and advanced obedience challenges.  We will demonstrate all levels of obedience. This teaches you to teach your dog to manage his/her own load regardless of distractions.  Load is "pressure and conflict".  Your dog wants to chase a cat, jump the fence, run after cattle...because his/her innate drives, prey drive for instance, creates conflict and pressure that overwhelms your dogs brain so he/she responds to primitive drives and does exactly what nature intended.  We teach you to teach your dog to manage that drive, to maintain calm, and obey commands even under the heaviest of distractions.

Consider this part of club equivalent to a "group class" opportunity for obedience using a balanced approach to dog training (rewards and corrections).

Drive Building and Bite Development


Many people refer to this as "bite club".  Where people get together with their dogs and improve the dogs ability to maintain load, increase bite strength, and learn to release the bite on command.  Traditional bite clubs are limited/focused on sports and many have become drama clubs instead of professional dog training clubs.  Our work will be to improve your dog as a protection dog and to help you comprehend how your own dog will respond to specific threats.  For the safety of your self, your property and your family.  We will demonstrate what a professionally trained dog can/should do for it's owner.  You will witness improvement every week.

We are taking the ghetto out of bite clubs, we are removing the drama from the clubs.  You will even learn to be a decoy through this club.  You will learn from true professionals.

Sharpening the nose and scent detection

Top Tier K9 was the first to train a dog to hunt for and indicate on the COVID-19 virus.  We lead the world in scent detection and the training of scent detection dogs using our Foundation Dogs® as a distributed platform with a scalable scent portfolio.

In club, you will also be able to participate in our scent detection programs and add additional scent capability to your dog.

We will often use decoys to amp up a dog's prey drive and not release the dog for his highly desired bite until he successfully finds specific odor.  This is referred to as "Task Prioritization" and is a world class process to teach dogs how to manage their own innate desires, choosing instead to complete a specific task before reward. (satisfaction over gratification)

Tracking:  The most important thing to teach


In club, we will demonstrate tracking techniques that have been used to train the greatest dogs on the planet.  The more you track your dog the better he will be in bite work, scent detection, obedience, advanced obedience and even a better companion.

Nothing is more important to teach a working dog than tracking.  Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs® already track so their owners will be able to take their dogs to the next level in club.