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Academy For Dog Trainers


Question: I want to learn to train my own dog I don't want to certify as a dog trainer.  What classes should I take?
Answer:  You should take the art of dog training and the pet trainer program classes, and then move directly into the working dog trainer puppy imprinting program (bypassing the certification as a pet trainer).  You can then learn to train your dog in advanced programs like protection , bomb or drug detection, tracking and advanced obedience without certifying as a pet or working dog trainer.  You can also acquire our dog training DVDs in our store and learn at your own pace.

Question:  I do not want to be a pet trainer; I want to train working dogs only.  Why do you require me to take the pet training classes?
Answer:  Our program is designed so that you learn how dogs communicate and how to effectively communicate with a dog using a balanced approach of rewards and corrections.  How you apply these rewards and corrections is taught during the pet training program and those skills are carried into the working dog program.  This is the "walk before you run" process and you get to practice on pets before having to be much more consistent when you are imprinting working puppies for serious jobs.  

****Note:  We have recently added the ability for an existing trainer/handler (military, law enforcement, extreme hobbyist) to clep out of the Pet traning program and work within the Working Dog Training program but it requires you to pass our business development and project management course to certify as a working dog trainer.  This course can be taken any time during the 26 week working dog program and is offered periodically throughout the year,  Contact us to learn more.

Question:  I attended a different dog trainer school that offers almost no business training and no support to me after graduation.  Will you give me credit for the work I did towards a Top Tier K9 certification?

Answer:  Maybe: contact us.  We teach you something different than the other schools teach.  Most schools are either "purely positive" (which is nothing but a marketing ploy, you cannot effectively train dogs using purely positive techniques), are known for extreme compulsion and offer a training environment that is more a labor camp than a school, or spend the majority of their time talking about behavior theory without creating levels of true learning, leaving their students without a way to actually make a living after graduating.  Our graduates can move into our affiliate program and the effective lines of communications between the staff of Top Tier K9 and our graduates are developed through and during our classes.


Question:  Is your program on-line or is it face to face?
Answer:  Both.  All of our classes are face to face.  
The first two Pet Training classes  (and the 4th and 5th Working Dog classes) are on-line in our browser based classroom where you interact in every class with our instructors.  The 3rd class (Pet certification) and the 6th class (Working Dog Certification) are the certification programs.  They are up to 2 weeks at one of our primary locations.  The time is based on your ability to prove you are competent in the training.  It depends on your attitude, motivation and skills that you learn during the on-line portions of training.  We also offer on-going on-line training in business, project management, sales and marketing, new dog training techniques an on-going offering to our graduates.

Puppy Imprinting Program


Question:  Will you train my new puppy to be a working dog?

Answer:  Yes.  We have the capacity to train several puppies at a time.  They travel with us on our "Top Tier K9 On-The-Road" program where they are trained daily in different states and environments.  They are exposed to multiple trainers and experts in many of the important areas of specific training like scent detection, tracking and protection.  The program works in 3 week training cycles with specific acceptance criteria for completion of the cycle and movement into the next cycle.  There are 4 total cycles to complete all puppy imprinting requirements and on-going training and support is necessary depending on the owner's specific needs.  We train the owner while we are training the puppy through our on-line academy.  Contact us to set up an evaluation.


Question:  Do you apply the same process to imprinting puppies as you teach in your Academy?

Answer:Yes.  Our Puppy Imprinting and Forecasting program is what we teach in our academy and what we apply to training our customer's working dogs (and our own working dogs).  This program is proven and it is learned by our students and then taken to market by our graduates through our affiliate program as a program they offer their own customers.  It is a balanced approach to training that takes the puppy's health and motivation as the #1 priority.  It is designed to train and evaluate the puppy in an on-going fashion that helps forecast what the puppy will be best at as a working dog and then exploits those talents in the training program.

Question:  Can I buy one of your puppies without training?

Answer:  No.  Our breeding program is designed specifically to support our students in the Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers.  Buyers of our puppies are commiteed to the training and control of the puppies, either as a student desiring to certify as a Dog trainer, or a buyer who commits to becoming a solid handler for these very special dogs.  There is always some level of training that must take place for you and the puppy to satisfy the Top Tier K9 quality assurance programs.



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