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Top Tier K9 "Build a Battle Buddy" Course Outline

This is the chance of a lifetime for our disabled veterans and first responders (and their families) who are interested in this skillset. Participating veterans and first responders must provide $5,000 of the $21,000 price tag.  Either through out of pocket, family and friends, or community fundraisers. The veteran or first responder must have skin in the game or the service dog value is greatly diminished. That $5,000 is due prior to the beginning of the program and is non-refundable for any reason.  You start this, you finish this, we come home together...service dogs save lives...Build A Battle Buddy!!!

The course is 30 weeks long28 weeks will be live online and the last 2 weeks is live onsite in Madison Florida. with some of the best dog trainers in the world.  Your lead instructor is Master Dog Trainer Jeff Minder.  A service disabled combat veteran, SERE instructor of the year, nominee to the Air Commando Hall of Fame, and the first dog trainer to ever train a dog to hunt for and indicate on a virus (COVID-19).  He is the founder of the #1 working dog trainer school in the world; Top Tier K9 and holder of the US Trademark "Foundation Dog®".  Other instructors include:


Chris O'Brian:  Certified Master Dog Trainer and Founder of Forgotten Coast K9 .  Chris is an Air Force veteran and former K9 officer and unit supervisor for the Madison County Florida Sheriffs Department.


Brian Minder:  Certified Master Dog Trainer, Certified decoy, and disabled combat veteran.  Brian will be providing ongoing support and trouble shooting advise during and after your Build A Battle Buddy program.

Carolyn Cabot:  Certified Master Dog Trainer, 15 years a Vet Tech, Army veteran, and owner of her own dog training and breeding business in Lexington Kentucky.  Carolyn will be teaching you about health and nutrition and providing ongoing support to the program on the health of your new dog.


Alyssa Browning:  Certified Master Dog Trainer and owner of her own dog training business.  Alyssa will be watching you as you integrate your puppy into your family and begin the daily process of training that puppy to be a Foundation Dog and then finish that dog as your personal service dog.

Formal class meetings will be every Saturday from 9am to 11am EST  Live Online with approximately 5 hours of homework each week.  You will learn the following:

1.  How dogs think.  How to motivate dogs to learn.  How to properly reward and correct a dogs behavior.  Health and Nutrition.  Basic dog management like potty training, leash walking, basic obedience, and how dogs absorb and react to your feelings and body chemistry.

2.  How to select a puppy to be your service dog (or your service dog that also protects).  You will learn how to turn that puppy into an amazing Foundation Dog®.  Tracking, scent detection, protection and advanced obedience.  Working dog health and nutrition and so much more.

---You will then get a puppy.  One of ours or you select a puppy from a reputable breeder.  You will need to care for that puppy, vet visits, food, crate, training tools.

3.  You will then learn how to string together the Foundation Dog® elements to finish your Foundation Dog® as the service dog of your dreams.  You and your dog will be battle buddies, looking out for each other, changing your life for the better.

4.  You (your class) will travel to Madison Florida to finish your dogs and certify with them.  Fun scenarios and fellowshipping, working with decoys to improve your dogs bite and ability to protect you (if you choose service dog that also protects).  Bonding and trust. (you are responsible for your travel costs and your food.  The charity is paying for your room for you and your dog).

Once you have completed the Build a Battle Buddy program, you can apply to attend the Top Tier K9 business bootcamp and advanced certifications programs to learn to start and run your own dog training business.  Costs for those programs are not included in the Build a Battle Buddy program and must be paid for separately.

To put your name in the hat and see if you qualify for the class visit

To donate to this program please visit our approved charity below:




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