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2023 Foundation Dog® Training Competition

January 2023 launches the dog industries first ever Foundation Dog® Training Competition.

3 world-class litters of Mals/Dutchies totaling 27 puppies trained by 8 (so far) certified Top Tier K9 dog trainers using the Foundation Dog® trademarked training protocols at five Top Tier K9 Corporate and Franchise locations, finished by Master trainers and prepared for sale/distribution from over 50 "Powered by Top Tier K9" locations across America.

All puppies are the result of our own "Litters on the Ground"  program.  Certified Top Tier K9 breeding programs available to our students, select affiliates and franchisees. 

All puppies will be trained using Top Tier K9's replicable Foundation Dog® training processes.  These processes are what created the worlds first COVID-19 detection dog and resulting training protocols.  The first 3 phases of the 4 phase program will be the focus of the competition.  50 training elements that roll into 4 functions of tracking, scent detection, protection and advanced obedience.  Phase 4 will be applied once a dog is acquired for his specific roll.  Phase 4 is where we take elements and functions of a phase 3 Foundation Dog and string them together based on specific operational requirements (Military, Police/LE, Executive/Family Protection, Service dogs that also protection, Virus/Bomb detection etc..)

All puppies will be trained by Certified Top Tier K9 trainers at certified Top Tier K9 locations.

The Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers will host weekly live online trouble shooting events, participants will be using the Top Tier K9 Virtual Reality Dog Training Center as well.


Data will be collected and mined for our Six Sigma Quality Assurance Program.

Updates to the competition underway.  Lots of data, cool pictures, some of the dogs have already been sold for service dogs and protection dogs.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4


  • Schedule a free on-line consultation with a Top Tier K9 professional:  Call (850) 321-3253 or use the contact form

    • Define Scope:  Determine what you need your K9 companion to accomplish.  

    • Select Dog:  Choose a Foundation Dog  or a finished dog.  We can finish a Foundation Dog to your specific requirements or you can do the training yourself.

    • A Foundation Dog is in phase 3 of the imprinting and forecasting program shown to the left.  Imprinted and trained using over 50 elements that roll up into 4 functions:  Obedience, Tracking, Nosework and Protection. 

    • Finished dogs have entered phase 4 and are ready for scenario training.

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