Law Enforcement, military, and security services training for use of K9 in operational environments and for the acquisition of trained dogs for deployment through our teaming agreement with Top Tier K9, LLC.


Handler Training:  3 tiers of handler training available to ensure you are fully prepared to manage, care for, and deploy a K9 in the field. Classes start September, 2018.  Class objectives and requirements will be published following our May 24th K9 systems launch seminar.

Geared toward proper puppy imprinting and forecasting, our process prepares a dog for tracking, patrol/defense/protection, scent detection, and off leash obedience at 8 months old.  The puppy then has time to bond with the handler and the team becomes ready to deploy to he field after scenario training and testing.  This replicable process ensures a quality deployment of a trained handler and a trained dog at less cost,  less risk, and higher quality than the traditional green dog acquisition process.

K9 unit management, quality control and quality assurance training:  Learn how to stage and staff an effective K9 unit within your organization for security services or traditional law enforcement agencies.


Integration of K9 with AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems :  Your Top Tier K9 can be integrated into the AMTEC Less-Lethal systems.  This class is designed for scenario work and advanced training for the dog and the handler.

May 24th at ALS in Perry Florida we will be providing a customer awareness seminar and demonstration of our working dog offering.

Join Top Tier K9 and AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems for a free one-day event. Demonstrations include interdiction, apprehension, and bite.

Enhanced K-9 Delivery Systems with Less Lethal Considerations as related to Officer Safety Utilizing Care, Custody and Control Techniques thru Less Lethal Tactics.


This FREE Training Session is to Enhance / Highlight Performance Objectives as related to Verbal and Non-Verbal Commands while Training K-9’s.

You do not need a K9 to attend.  This is an informational seminar loaded with demonstrations for you to learn about.

Duane Pickel

Mr. Duane Pickel has 55 years experience in the K9 industry.  In Vietnam Duane was a scout with a trusty GSD trained to find good guys and dispatch of bad guys.  Duane spent most of his adult life in law enforcement and ran the Tallahassee Fl Police K9 unit for over 20 years.  Duane was the first dog trainer to train a dog to indicate on cancer cells and holds several titles in dog training trials.

Brian Minder

Brian is a professional dog trainer and instructor for Top Tier K9.  Brian served in the Ist Cav and in the 82nd Airborne division in the Iraqi war.  Brian is an expert at K9 behavior and runs the decoy training program and "service dogs that protect" offering at top Tier K9.  Brian will be demonstrating the power of verbal command to control dog aggression that results from Top Tier K9's imprinting processes.

Chris O'Brian

Chris is a K9 officer at Madison County Sheriff's department and is a certified working dog trainer for Top Tier K9.  Chris has spent the last 2 years analyzing the Top Tier K9 puppy imprinting and forecasting program in comparison to existing LE K9 training efforts and will be sharing his professional perspective of the program.

Jim Hayes

Jim Hayes is a Top Tier K9 certified decoy, has a PHD in theology and is the Vice President of the seminary in Thomasville Ga.  Jim will be assisting the team in preparing scenarios for seminar demonstrations.

Jeff Minder

Jeff is the founder of Top Tier K9, inventor, master dog trainer, certified project manager, software developer, and award winning teacher. Jeff was named one of the top 10 entrepreneurs of North America by Dell Computers and the National Federation of Independent Businesses.  Jeff was also a nominee to the Air Commando Hall of Fame. Jeff will be presenting the program and demonstrating the puppies and the dogs

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