Our Affiliate Program

Top Tier K9 certified Affiliates are some of the best in the industry and they are held to a standard of excellence that far surpasses their competition.  Affiliates own and operate their own businesses and provide dog training and related services to their communities.  They are certified as Pet and Working Dog trainers, and some are also certified as Service Dog trainers, Police/Military K9 Trainers, Protection Dog Trainers, and Special Security Dog Trainers through the Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers and apply world class project and business management processes to ensure their customers are satisfied with their results.

Access certified affiliates via the map below and help ensure their businesses continue to grow and that their quality of services surpass all others.   Only the best can maintain their recognition as a Certified Affiliate of Top Tier K9.

Affiliate Spotlight

The Top Tier K9 Affiliate Spotlight is shined upon those within the industry who have a special story to tell.  Drawing attention to those within the industry who set themselves apart, above, their competition through dedication, hard work, compassion, integrity and honesty.  Each quarter we spotlight an affiliate and help tell their story.

Travis Loyd:  Lancaster Ohio American K9 Dynamics